Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's in an Introduction?

They say that anyone can write a blog....

Considering that's how most blogs begin, I assume that it must be true. All around the world, people are using this type of forum in order to express themselves, their ideas, and connect with others around the world. And, now that it's 2011, and I'm probably a minimum of 10 years behind the crowd, I decided that it would be a good idea to start one myself.

Some of you may know me, some of you might not...

If you know me, then you know my name, my personality, and probably what makes me tick. And if you don't then...well, you don't. So I suppose I should explain a little bit about that. My name isn't important. Call me Cici, C, Homeskillz, Shawty, Banks, Tdizzle, Elanor, Bianca, Stephanie...come up with your own if you wish! Not one of these, I assure you, is my real name. Someday I may reveal it, but for now, let's leave it a mystery. If you know me, all I ask is you don't use my name if you comment.

What else...what else...?

I consider myself a funny personality. I make myself laugh at least, which could mean either 1) I really am hilarious, or 2) I'm just a tad bit insane. Or both. Don't expect much, if any, political jargon, etc on this blog. Or any "i'm so lonely, why won't the world leave me alone?" type postings. A little cynicism, perhaps, but I'm just here to be myself.

Currently, I'm in college. Where? My home town of course. But I'll hopefully be moving soon, so don't worry. I'm majoring in Creative Writing & Theatre Arts (because I like to add a little extra stress to my everyday life).

Every month or two, I find myself with a new obsession. This month, it's Bollywood. Yup, Indian (like, from India) movies are basically what makes my heart beat a little bit faster. In the past, it's been things like Victorian-era London, astronomy, the Holocaust, Titanic, airplanes, half-hour sitcoms... Pretty much anything I come across. A few obsessions that I have always had are Disney, musical theatre, and writing.

I hope to work for Disney someday...if that tells you anything about me. As for musical theatre, well, I used to want to be on Broadway (although, I suppose that Bollywood is a good alternative if I learn Hindi). I left that dream behind a few years ago, but the obsession still runs true. And then writing...

You might have noticed that the name of this thing is "Speaking Fiction, Writing Reality". Although it is for an outlet for my currently over-crowded brain, it serves another purpose. Currently, I'm writing what could quite possibly be one of the best books...well, one of the best books I've ever written (see, I've written 3 already, all unpublished). This one is special however. Right now, it's somewhere around 205 pages, 1.5 spacing and growing every time I sit down. I've been working on it for near around 3 years now, though. I'm hoping that I can use this blog to test out ideas for not just that project, but projects to come.

Why not experiment, right?

Well, I've probably used up my word count (oh, wait, blogspot doesn't have one....) or flooded your mind with too much information.

Stick around folks, more will come soon.


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