Tuesday, May 13, 2014

City of Angels

In the City of Angels
You could be anything,
Say anything,
Do anything
And through all that time
The only thing I wanted
Was to be in love
Like a scene from a movie
I had a love
I had a passion
And we kissed as we hiked to the Hollywood sign
And we fell in love walking down to the pier
And we knew we were soul mates as we held hands as we sat in traffic
Love was perfect
Love was good
And we could be anything in the City of Angels
But with good love
It can grow sour
One day, in the City of Angels,
You can wake up and not know who you are
You don’t know who you’re waking up next to anymore
In the City of Angels
You could be, say, and do anything
You can be anyone
And what I wanted to be was a woman of passion
But that passion turned sour
We texted in traffic, rather than holding our hands
The walks to the pier were not the same
And we barely noticed the Hollywood sign after some time
In the City of Angels you could fall in love
But in the City of Angels you could fall out of love
I wanted to love
And I forgot how to love
And now I look at the time gone by
And I wonder who I am
Who you are
And I wish I could wake up next to the people we used to be

In the City of Angels

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