Monday, January 9, 2012

Lost: What I'm Looking For. (Also, New Book Stuff)

Howdy y'all.

How's life been?

I'm pleased that in about 46 hours, I'll be in Florida. Booo yeah. :)

I've had a pretty rocking last week-ish. I've been to karaoke twice with some really awesome people (words can't really describe how much I've learned to enjoy karaoke). I've been working on some queries for agents. Started a new book. Watched a million YouTube videos.

Wait, what was that?



But there will be more on that in a moment.

On top of that other shebang, I've been hanging out with my friends a lot. Just about everyday I've been doing something with friends, be it going to see the Muppets, taking them for college entrance exams, or just sitting on a couch and doing absolutely nothing. I've come to rediscover just how much I love my friends out here. Words cannot even describe my love.

And then I remember that I'm going back to California in 2 weeks and back to some really awesome friends. I know I've said this before, but these friends just aren't my hometown people. All at once, I want to go back to California...but I don't want to be away from my life here.

I'm very conflicted because for almost 20 years I've really wanted nothing more than to escape my hometown. And now that I've gone to the place that I've been dreaming of all these's not quite what I really dreamt. Something's just not right and now once again I'm looking to relocate. Possibly back to my home state to the school where 60% of my hometown friends are.

But will that be right in the long run?

For some reason my favorite u2 song comes to mind.

I mean, I've done so much to get away from where I am from...but will I ever be happy anywhere? I know so many people who know exactly where they want to live and are perfectly content with that. They have lives planned out there. I don't seem to fit that mold.

For how much I talk about relationships...I don't see myself ever really settling down. And that's a scary thought because I genuinely want that. Things are a jumbled mass of confusion right now. GAH!

Anyways, that's my confusing thought for the week.

Next on the agenda.

I promised I'd talk more about my next book.

This one is a little strange. I've been sitting on the idea (which I cannot actually tell you) for quite some time. So I finally started pen to paper (ok, fingers to keyboard) this last week and started it. 

I'll admit, it's not even 3 pages long, but I actually like where it's going. Even though I've had a general plan of where I wanted to head with soon as I started writing my characters took hold of the story. Things that I was set against have actually happened and they're leading me down a great path.

However, those of you who have been around since my last book remember that I was having trouble with the beginning. As in, "ok, how do I start out this whole big picture?" I'm a fan of prologues told from the third person (while the rest of the book is first person) however I felt the deep desire to write this whole thing in the third person (despite my utter hatred for that vantage point). An author never says no to her deep desires (this also applies to chocolate).

Anyways... So how do I start this book? No prologue this time. I will tell you that this story has one character that cannot die. He's, for lack of a better word, immortal. So he's been around for ages and ages, forced to live this lie of a life while he constantly deals with the pattern of time.

Here's what I have so far.

He stood overlooking the ocean on the cliff. Eyes closed, wind blowing against him as the storm whirled inland, head facing the heavens…he was at complete peace.
For this one brief moment, nothing bad could happen.
A drop of rain hit him square in the face, forcing him to snap back to reality.
It was coming.
The time was near.
Pushing back the memories that was straining to be let loose, he turned back and followed that same path back to familiarity.

And that's it for the basic intro. From there it goes on to introduce another character and we learn what exactly is coming, yadda yadda yadda.

What I want to know is this: Would this make you want to read more?

Keep in mind that I'm being EXTREMELY selective with what I've told you thus far and trust me there's a lot more to come that even I don't know. So I need to know if this is the right foot to start out on. Hmmm?

Please leave comments in the dooblydoo down on the bottom of this thing.

I probably won't be back until after my trip (unless I feel like blogging from a few thousand feet in the air) so I'll see you somewhere around the 18th or 19th.


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