Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mad Woman on a Mission

Hello all!

So I was ready my Blogger statistics the other day and noticed that my number of readers are growing. You're getting through my bouts of insanity, hooray!

Secondly, I've had the Bruno Mars song "Grenade" stuck in my head for the last few days. Want some good reading music? Here you are: Click on me!

"Tell the devil I say hey when you go back to where you're from." That line makes me smile every time. :)

Now you're probably wondering why I'm babbling on. For two reasons: First, I'm procrastinating on my English homework (an annotated bibliography with 35 sources! No thank you!). And secondly, I was up until about 1:30 AM last night (this morning?).

So that must mean I'm tired and am loopy right?


But, also, for those of you who don't know I'm most productive at night. Remember my last post when I was debating killing off my main character, and how to open up my story?? Well, I've found the cure to the second of those problems (I'm not yet a murderer). My book no longer opens as a story telling session anymore. No.

I had an epiphany whilst I was being bored yesterday. I tried imagining my book as a movie (because who doesn't want their works on the Silver Screen...sometimes authors are desperate and go for any producation {cough, cough, Stephenie Meyer, cough}). Anyways...I imagined how boring it would be to open up with a story...what viewers want is a BANG!!!! And so that's what I did.

And since that happened, things are moving on a lot more quickly, pieces fitting in quite easily (through a little bit of rearrangement).

Spring Break is when I hope to be finished. And it might be reachable yet.

As long as I keep procrastinating in English.



  1. See? Procrastinating can have it's advantages ;) I'm glad you're doing so well on your story, though. Makes me want to try short story writing again!

  2. Do it! Your such an awesome writer! :D