Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'll Take a Double Shot of Confusion. Wait, Make it Venti.

I don't know what to do.


It seems like I'm always confused. That's why I have this blog. So I can vent about my being confused. And you guys are here to read, right?


Well. I still haven't written much. I've been so far behind on schoolwork this week that it's not even funny. I'm finally just about caught up but I'll probably be behind by Tuesday.

Can I just say how much I hate college?

Seriously. I'm a writing major. You'd think that as such, I'd be taking classes that require me to do nothing but write, write, write.


All of my classes are reading based. Which sucks ass. Also, looking over future classes here, they're all reading based. 4 courses in writing, one of which I'm already taking...and then 18 of reading. It's ridiculous. Also ridiculous is how impossible it seems to get into these classes at my school because they're all 15 people classes. Frustrating.

Also frustrating is my Academic Advisor who decided to tell me that she doesn't think that I could graduate as a writing major in time, even though I did the math and I should be fine even if I took a semester off. Yeah. Oh, and she told me my intended study abroad was a stupid idea because they don't offer many courses in my major...except none of the study abroad programs do. Yeah. Brilliant.

While I'm venting about things not being right, let me continue by saying that there's this new girl at work that I had to train the other day. Here's how our introductory conversation went.
 Girl: What's your major?
 Me: Creative Writing.
 Girl: Oh. Well you might want to do grad school and become a teacher because Creative Writing really isn't that stable of a career.
 Me: Yeah, it actually kind of is. What's your major?
 Girl: Creative Producing.
 Me: .....................

People are stupid. That's the moral to this story, dear reader. Don't worry about writing an analytical essay about the theming because I can just tell you and save the 6 double spaced pages.

Venti, part deux.

Yes, I realize venti is an the largest size of Starbucks. That's cuz this next is a biggin'.

But do I really have to tell you what this involves?

I mean, really? If you have followed my blog AT ALL in the past 10ish months that it has'll know exactly what it is.

Yup, you guessed it. Boys.

Blergity schmergity doo.

I think those three words that aren't really words describe everything, don't you? Girls, I bet you'll agree with me. Guys are too freaking confusing.

I'm giving all of my friends all this "advice" on relationships and it all sounds really good (ok, in some cases). But I've never had the sticking experience. As mentioned on earlier episodes...there are options out there for me. But only one truly intrigues me. The others I keep around because there's that feeling in me that really feels like I need something, someone, right now. I mean, I've made it through a year and half of college and still have had nothing, not to mention all the years before then.


You've all heard it before but I just really am confused and in a tough spot and all this other stuff that I don't feel like publishing on the Interwebz.

For know, I guess I'm gonna continue going along feeling confused or whatever the case might be. Maybe I'll try to get ahead on homework.



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  1. Hey, I know what it's like to be completely confused by guys, ha ha! Es no bueno.If you need somebody to listen feel free to text me anytime :)