Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall back and Disney magic!

Daylight savings is weird.

I mean, does changing the clocks for half the year REALLY make that much of a difference? Really?

I don't think it does.

I mean think of all the people who wake up too early in the Fall, or too late in the Spring.

Think of all the people who needed 24 hours in a day that only gives them 23.

It's ridiculous!

However, I'm really not going to make an argument or anything mainly because, umm, that was simply the witty intro and now it's time to move on.

So, it's November 6. Theoretically I should be a good portion into that book writing thingy.

Like the time today, I sort of fell back. (Ahaha. Puns.) Basically, I really haven't done much since after my last post here on Monday night/Tuesday morning. A few words here or there.

But I have a good excuse,  I promise!!!!


Ahaha, lame, right? I know. However, as a Creative Writing major I obviously get loaded down with so much non-Creative Writing work that I wind up not having time for writing. Irony? I think so.

Also, Tuesday afternoon, I found out that one of my best friends at school needed to move ASAP. So, being good ol' me, I helped her pack half of her room that night and move it to mine. Wednesday was just busy all on it's own thanks to work, school, work, school, experiments, homework, and honor's society. Lots of stuff all day long. BUT...I'm going to Disney World. :3 So excited.

You remember friend who needed to move? Well on Thursday, the plans became set. We'd be moving in together (cuz she really needed a new place and a roommate) to another room. So my Friday basically consisted of me going to class, then doing some Christmas shopping and then packing up basically everything I own.

And Saturday, I moved it all. And all of her stuff. And it took a really long time. And I'm really sore today. But after that, I went to Disneyland where they were doing filming for the Christmas Parade and New Years Rockin Eve. I missed Christmas (that sounds so weird), however OneRepublic was performing for New Years. So me and my friends went and watched a 3 song concert and it was awesome. And I called my BFF from home and she got to listen in cuz I think she really likes OR a bit more than I do. :) And then a CM on Main Street gave me a free brownie cuz I couldn't afford it. And we watched Fantasmic,

Life the last few days has been pretty awesome. Sure makes up for last week.

I think the point that that whole spiel was trying to prove was that I really have had too much going on to do NaNoWriMo. But I'll still work on it. In fact, they have a lovely website where you can check my progress and I'll link you to it:

Don't expect it to change from it's pitiful state for the next few days whilst I move in and get ahead on homework. But I promise I will work!!!!!!!!!

I have so much else I could say but I think I'll leave it with this.

It's raining!


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