Friday, July 1, 2011

Gotta Be True to Your Heart

Right now it's 11:03 PM.

Friday, July 1st.

I'm listening to some Rihanna.

Gourging myself with my water bottle.

And really wishing I were wearing my glasses.

Ah, that's better.

Dear reader, in the Great-Place-of-Wherever-I-Live they have legalized fireworks. This is great for events like New Years and 4th of July. However, they're also legal for the 2 weeks surrounding the holidays.

Dear reader, I have many, many drunk neighbors.

This is not good.

So in lieu of sleeping, or playing Tetris, I have decided to write a blog post.

Isn't it wonderful?!

Of course, it would make it even better if I knew what I was even going to talk about....

Well, let me start off with a story. Not a creative writing story, but rather a true life story of what has happened.

Long ago, when I was in elementary school, I was the obnoxious, smart, fat girl. And awkward, too. As a child, I had a hard time coping with a lot of things, like making friends and feeling like I belong in this world. I was an outsider. In a way, I still am... But that is not our story. Rather, it begins, like many stories do... With a boy.

Before second grade, boys weren't really a big part of my life (see above). But when a new boy came...things started changing. His name was Tyler and he was just a cutie. All the girls in my grade and third grade loved him. While we weren't the best friends, we did get along well. Many of my early memories include him and an everchanging cast of characters. My first ever crush. I admired him from afar. I mean, what else are you supposed to do when they have cooties?

Anyway, long story short, the awkwardness within me never left before he did. Grades split when I was in fourth grade and our classes at that small class never coincided. The crush faded. He went off to sixth grade, then junior high.

I forgot all about him.

Until Senior year. I skipped a year somewhere in all that time, so we were now in the same class. Senior year, Humanities... First day, the teacher called out his name and my head snapped up. Across the room was a totally different boy. Still the same one that had been my first crush...but the years had changed him.

They changed all of us.

We never spoke, never related to the fact we survived the shady elementary school to lead normal lives (many others did not).

We were strangers.

And so the time passed. We both graduated and went off to college. New dreams ahead. Like so many others.

Early Wednesday morning, police recieved a phone call from Tyler. He and a friend had been shot. They both died.

Needless to say, the news shook many of us up. Thinking about this boy we'd all known as no's impossible to fathom. For young people, it is very hard to even contemplate the ending of life. Listening to news reports were even harder, hearing his family talk about all of his dreams and ambitions for the future.

He and his friend never had a chance to see them through.

And this is where my point is, dear reader.

I have been blessed with life. With ambitions. With a brain. And the will to put it all to use.

But I've been neglecting it.

With so many people my age either without a will, too drugged, or being shot...why am I not putting everything in my life to full use?

I'm capable of so much. We all are. Yes, even you.

So, here's my challenge to you. I'll even participate.

Go out. Enjoy life. Work hard. Do what you love. Don't settle for being a chemist if your real dream is to sing. Don't let anyone in your life, even your parents, tell you that you can't.

You can.

If you have a dream in your heart, if you could be eternally happy doing, even if it doesn't pay the it. I think having an accomplished, happy life is worth the years of Ramen noodles.

You have a shot at doing whatever your heart wants. Now follow through.

You have your life: Take advantage of that until you no longer have it. You might not be rich, famous, or whatever it is...but you will be admired.

Me? I'm going to start putting everything I have into my writing. I plan to be constantly surrounded by new things, learning and putting it into action. My goals are now surrounding stories that will help young people realize their matter how small. We are all destined for greatness.

If you can't do it for yourself, selfless person you are, then do it for Tyler. He had dreams of his own.

Now follow yours, no matter where they take you.

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  1. "All our dreams can come true, If we have the courage to pursue them"- Walt Disney