Saturday, July 30, 2011

Revealing Myself


Today, it is over 100 degrees.

However, I'm currently wearing a heavy sweater, sitting inside my nicely air conditioned house. My current mood is somewhere between "meh" and "blah". So I decided to do the most writing I've done in quite some time.

Here's where I stand right now.

1. I quit my job. So I'm unemployed and loving life.

2. On the day I quit my job, I discovered that one of my (now former) coworkers has a brother who's an author and into the publishing biz. So he gave me his information. Monday I'm planning on e-mailing him asking for advice to get this thing done.

3. My sister came home (2 weeks ago) and we...have nothing to do. But we did go shopping a few days ago. Which is where I got this sweater.

4. I have just over 3 weeks until I hit the road to my new home.

5. I have no idea where this new home will be...considering my school "denied" my housing. We're calling everyday until they give me a room...but no guarantees.

You might notice some changes around the blog today. First off, there's a new picture. Mickey Mouse and his conductor friend. Awww. :)

Secondly, there's a new name. No, not the title. But rather, my name.

You see, dear reader, previously I had always signed off with some anonymous name. My screen name for Blogger was technically "Fiction".

However, I decided that this needed to be changed. Most of you know me anyway, considering my biggest incoming sources are from Facebook, Twitter, and G+. You know me, either personally or not, and I figured I'd stop hiding in the shadows of anonymity.

This sad, though, not all of you are from my small group of friends. In the last two weeks, I've had several international readers: India (welcome!), Malaysia, Germany, etc. Additionally, I'm getting a large source from some online degree websites (one of you should leave a message to tell me why I'm getting you as a source). None of you probably know me at all.

So to my new and old readers, I must admit to you that my name is Chelsea.


Now I feel free, open. Whooo!

Not a lot to update you all on this week, but I figured an update in itself would be nice.

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  1. I love your blog m'dear. :) Look forward to keep reading it!

    Isn't the feeling of getting international readers so amazing? Just to think that there are people from all over the world reading your blog is so special.

    Congrats on the friend in the book business, you'll get there, you're talented and amazing!

    Love you!