Wednesday, July 20, 2011

People are Stupid (and other news)

So in my state of mind last post, I totally forgot something quite important.


Where to start?

First off, my sister came back in town.

I'm sure a lot of you who actually know me are confused, thinking, "You have a sister?"

Yes. And no.

See, in Senior year, she was my exchange sister. We became very close, to where we consider ourselves blood sisters. In fact, many people believe we're twins (I mean, we were born only 3 weeks and 5,000 miles apart). It's absolutely wonderful to have her back.

I still haven't heard anything back from agents which means either 1) They haven't gotten to my query yet or B) They think my book sucks ass and don't have the courtesy to send a rejection letter.

My vote is on the 2nd.

There's only 5 more work days until I am able to quit my job. My first job, and hopefully my last in retail. Lesson learned in the whole 14 months experience: People, in general, are stupid. Like the dude today who told me something was my fault when, in all actuality, it was his. And my death glare let him know.

I pick up and move in 32 days. Or 31. Which ever. 5 weeks from tomorrow, I'll be moving into my new home. I'm so flipping excited.

I was one of the crazy people who waited in line for 9 (count 'em, 9) hours for Harry Potter 7.2. And it was so totally worth it. Even the hangover I had for my 8 hour shift the next day was worth it. Good film.

Yet sad.

I don't remember if I've talked about this on the blog before, but Harry Potter was the first ever chapter book I read (sidenote: I just mispelled "read"...which is a shame because I've been reading longer than it would seem). Way back in 1st grade, my parents would read me books at night, but I wanted more. Hey, I was a pretty smart kiddo. So I went into my brother's room, and amongst all of the Goosebumps books and found a brand new book--Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (this was the legit English version).

So I read it and the obsession began.

I devoured every book as it came out. When the movies were announced, I nearly flipped out and demanded to be taken to London to be Hermione Granger (just FYI, it didn't happen). When the internet became big, or when I started to notice it, I would get on to and read every Harry Potter story I possibly could.

I got the magazines. I got the t-shirts. I made drawings of the characters and costumes. Dressed up on Halloween. And memorized chapters at a time.


Then my parents told me to cool it. So I got rid of all of that stuff. But there was only one outlet for Harry left...writing.

In 5th and 6th grade, I wrote 5 HP short stories (remember when I was a copycat...that would be the first 2). Then, the summer before 7th grade, while I was recovering from surgery, I started my first ever book.

And here we are, 6 years later.

So the ending of the movie saga, which followed the ending of the books, was a sad moment for me.

My inspiration is over.


(PS. The whole thing on the last blog, about the boy, I was the girl. But it couldn't be, for obvious reasons. So now that that's over, it's time to move on. I promise, no more posts like that again til it's the real deal.)

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