Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tastes Like Epicness

My last posting was a bit overdramatic.

Well, sort of.

I've found a cure for my broken flash drive (leading to 50ish missing pages that I simply cannot duplicate). The angels in question are those at For a $150 fee, I was able to send them my broken flash drive. I should get an email in the next few days with my entire book ready to download.

In the meantime, I can continue writing with what I have (in bolded words so that a copy and paste will suffice).

Relief is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

But other things in my life have been going crazy over the last week as well.

My laptop is having problems with the internet on/off all week. Every day its something different. Now, my computer is only 5 months old and it shouldn't be having ANY problems. But this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

I'm never, ever, forever, never buying a Dell again. Biggest waste of money. Ever.

Secondly, I got into a car crash on Tuesday on my way to school. Basically, I couldn't brake in time as I was pulling into a lane and I did my best to avoid them, but I still broke the tail light lens from their car. Mine was not so lucky and is currently sitting in a repair shop somewhere a few cities away, waiting to get fixed.

Good News: No one was hurt, though the passenger in the other car went to the hospital for health tests (she was pregnant). But the most serious result of this was whiplash.

Which leads me to the Bad News: My back seriously got messed up. My spine is already pretty crappy, but this made it about three times as worse. I think my hips are misalligned and I keep getting these splitting headaches and such. Par for the course, I suppose.

My birthday was yesterday. Yayyyyy! :) It was a fairly relaxed day. I went to breakfast with my parents, brothers, sis-in-law, and 2 nephews (so basically it turned into organized chaos). Then my best friend in the world came over and we went to the local Renaissance Festival (no--we did not dress up) and then she spent the night. We had a lot of fun just catching up and :)

Other than that, nothing much new has happened.

Actually, that's not true.

Since the flash drive fiasco of February gave me a brief moment to step back and think about not only this book, but a future one. An idea struck me!

Yes, I had a literary contraction.

My first in about 3 years. I'm not going to talk much about that project other than the fact that it will be dark and edgy. Something very, very modern. In the past, I've written mostly fairy tale-like story. This is my opposite end of the spectrum story.

Right now, though, I'm going to work full force on this project. I'm so close that I can taste it.


And it tastes like epicness.


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