Saturday, September 24, 2011

Twi-hard? No, I'm an Eyre-hard.


It's been a while, Dear Reader. Like, over a week.

First off, I'm sorry. :(

I really like writing these little nibblets of information for you to gobble up (get it, nibblets? gobble? ok, gimme a break. it's 12:16 AM). As I was saying...

I like doing these posts. It's just my life lately has gone a little something like this:

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So. Fast forward replay of the last week.

Drove 6 hours home. Saw friends. Saw mommy. Saw my puppies. Surprised my nephews. Watched TV. Yoga. Drove 6 hours back. All in a 36 hour period.

Then Monday I went back to classes which was most awesome. I had to read more of my work for Creative Writing which was intense winning. I might've posted it on here before... I'll look and if not, that'll be my next post. The whole class was lyke ":O!!!!!" Then I went to Disneyland with a friend from school.


(Can I just sidenote how flippin excited I am for Halloween?! Along with Christmas, it's my favorite festive time of year. And I have a flippin awesome costume this year. (:    )

Then Tuesday brought a French test, Wednesday brought boringness and then another jaunt to Disneyland then honor's society meetings.

Can I just say that I think I'm genetically programmed to meet people who like Disney like I do? At my honor's society, I met a girl who loooooves the parks and listens to the Disney podcast that I'm mentioned on just about every week. Then one of my best friends at school I met through planning to go to Disneyland. It's pretty awesome.

Then there was Thursday which I can't even remember. All I know is I went to the gym at 9PM and ran a few miles. Cuz I'm that awesome.

OH, I GOT A JOB INTERVIEW!!! At the Theatre department as Stage Crew. I'm pretty flippin excited. Theatre will always be my first love (sorry, Creative Writing...).

Then today I had one class, spent some time on my costume, then hung out with a friend. We went and saw Pride and Prejudice (the play) out here and it's awesome. (Here's where my English nerdiness comes out just a bit) While the Mr. Bingley in the play was sooooo cute, I'll eternally be in love with the character of Mr. Darcy.
I mean, seriously?! <3

Of course, there's also Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre....


Ok, enough drooling over sexy actors playing these emotionally rich roles from classic novels that I squeal in delight of while most girls my age do it over fugly vampires and werewolves who can't act worth shit.

Not that I think less of them. Ahem.


I think I'll update more tomorrow or another day or something sometime soon. It's kind of 12:35. I mean, East Coast time, that's 3:35. In the morning. Yikes.

Last time you got "tired, leave me the heck alone" Chelsea. This time you have the "too giddy to do anything right but wants y'all in my life in some form" Chelsea.

See, I do this for you!

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  1. That Darcy actor makes me grin and hyperventilate every time I look at his face.
    Robert Sparklebutt makes me laugh. Derisively.