Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's My Name? Where's My Room? Where's My Inflatable Zebra?

Okay, I don't have an inflatable zebra.

But this has pretty much been how my life has been for the last week and a half.

I have so much reading homework it's not even funny. I read 150 pages of The Aeneid today. And then 150 pages of stuff for my International Relations class. And that was just today. I have to do that every other day. It's ridiculous.

Then add French homework (F my life on that one), Business homework/reading, and creative writing.

Crap. Creative Writing. The fucking reason I'm in this school.

With all my other homework, this has sort of fallen to the wayside. Yet somehow I promised my teacher that I would have something prepared for Monday.

Did I mention I'm going home this weekend?


Needless to say, I'm exhausted. The lingering effects of summer, the fact I don't have a job to force me to construct my timeline better, and the fact that my dad is on my mind are cluttering my head and I just feel...


Yet somehow, it's 11:35 PM, I have a 7:17 AM wake-up call...and I'm blogging. This is life, people.

I don't even know what I'm doing here.

Otherwise, school has been going fairly well. I am actually meeting new people and having some good times. I joined the English Honor's Society which I'm really excited about (where else can I talk to other nerds like me?!). I have only been to Disneyland ONCE since the Sunday before Labor Day. I know, I'm shocked too. And proud. :)

I've applied to, like, 1000000000 jobs...and still haven't heard back from any of them. Yes, one of them was to Disneyland. And half of the others were in Downtown Disney. Obsessed? Just a bit.


Because I'm kind of going broke at this point, which isn't good because I need money to, like, drive and do laundry and use the freakin' expensive copy machines.

Did I mention I'm going home this weekend?

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! :D :D :D

I get to see my mommy, my doggies, my nephews, my doggies, my best friends, my doggies, and watch TV! Did I mention my doggies? Taking the 6 hour drive down after my Friday morning class, and then back up Sunday morning/afternoon. Short trip. But it'll be nice.

Except making up all of the homework previously mentioned. That's not so nice.

I'm really in the mood to write, but I know I shouldn't be doing my writing at this time of night. Blogging, yes. Writing, no. It will suck. And I'll stay up all night.

But I WILL work on it tomorrow. I pwomise. :)

Can you tell I'm tired, Dear Reader?

There was no real theme to this post, but it's OK. Sometimes short and sweet and to the point is all that matters. It's time for bed.

Chelsea, over and out.

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  1. I like these short, sweet and to the point pieces! Please keep up the writing! :)