Friday, October 7, 2011

Jumbled Thoughts From Javajavajava Filled Mind

Helloooooo, dear blog followers.

True story: I just had coffee.

We all know how this ends.

Another true story: When I'm bored I looked at the lovely statistics Blogspot provides me about my readers. And, oh ho ho, are they interesting.

Actually, no they're not. And the fact that I'm bored enough to the point that THAT is the most interesting thing I can think of doing is a bit pathetic.


A lot of you are from Twitter. Which is pretty cool. And kind of weird considering most (nearly all) of my "real life friends" aren't on my Twitter (not that those of you who are aren't my friends...I just don't go to school, etc with you and/or haven't actually met you). Anyways, most of the rest of you guys are from Facebook.

HOWEVER...there are some of you that come from goodness knows where. Apparently, there's quite a few on "Farmgirlforfreedom"'s blogspot.

There's a ton of you from some weird online student website that I've never heard of.

And Russians. Lots of Russians.

Sooooo, dear readers, I'm curious: Where do you come from? Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to make a blogger account to comment on my posts. So I need all of you to comment on this and tell me where you hail from.

Because I'm curious.

There's a lot of other stuff I could be doing right now. For example, I have a huge paper due in approximately 5 days that I really haven't done much with (it was assigned the first day of school...). I could be doing that. I could be...doing French homework. Reading for International Relations. Uhhh...pretty much anything but this.

However, right now I feel like doing three things.
1. Blogging [Check]
2. Playing around with my new Mac (my last computer crashed...don't worry, the writing was backed up this time) [Check]
3. Going to Disneyland [Working on this one...but I work tonight. Hopefully my friend ditches her next class]

So as for things I need to do...really none of it is being accomplished. However, the things I WANT to do are doing quite pleasantly.

I don't know what's wrong with me this semester. Throughout all of my educational career, I've had no problems getting to work on my stuff. Getting homework done, acing tests, being on top of it all and having a social life.

But since I got here...well, I have yet to get an A on anything. Not that many of my assignments weren't A-worthy...but I always seem to get chastised by my professor by putting TOO MUCH on my test/paper/etc. So I'll get a B+. Or my Creative Writing teacher, aka--The Snooty Perfectionist, who gave me a b+ on my jaw-drop-worthy piece because it wasn't how he would have written it.

Uhm, hello... I'm the author here!!!

Speaking of authorship, I need to work on getting agents. I have a new list going, but I need to do some more research into the area and start sending out queries. I'm trying to get picked up by the end of the year.

So let's add this to the 'need to do' list.

I've been getting a lot of creative inspiration lately (if you remember my Literary Contractions...). But with all the stuff aforementioned...I just can't find the time or the peace of mind to sit down and write it all down. Last Monday I actually got a bit of a chance because my work (as a Student Technical Advisor) is pretty chill so I can sit and not do much but homework and writing. So far.

Yes, I still do feel like I'm the edge of something symbolic.

And, I think I'm going to Disneyland. Like, right now.

So everyone comment on this.

[Check] Chelsea

P.S. Welp, five minutes later and I guess I'm not actually going. Blerrrrrgh.


  1. I found your blog on Hope's blog. I like the way you write, and now you are on the list of blogs I follow! Yaya! I have a sneaking suspicion that I am the one reading so frequently but I also dearly hope that other's are finding your blog from mine. :)

    I also have a pile of Russian readers... I'm thinking they are aiming towards world domination by conquering the minds of all bloggers! :D

  2. I hail from PA and come from the land of Facebook.

  3. SoCal...and you are in my Twitter stream...