Monday, October 3, 2011

Up in Smoke

The villians are taking over Mickey Mouse's dream!

Headed by the evil Maleficent, several bad guys turn fairy tales sour. Pink elephants dance, pirates fight, princesses get...well the princesses aren't really affected.

But my point is, evil reigns.

And it's up to Mickey to save all the good guys.

He confronts Maleficent who gets all PMS-y and turns into a dragon. Mickey, being classy, stands up for himself and stabs her with his magical sword (without even looking!).

And, it a burst of smoke, Maleficent is no more and fairy tales come true ever after.

While this Disney theme park show might sound a little fantasmical (aha, puns...) it still relates a lot to life. Well, at least mine.

There's something most people don't know about me.

When I was in a futile "relationship" and attempting getting over this kid, I had a book full of letters that I'd written to him, valentines, texts we'd sent, and IM chats we'd had.

One of my best friends had a similar book for her guy who was similarly a douche.

We were depressed.

We were also pissed.

Just outside of our part of town was a road that lead to the river. So, one day, we took our books and went down by the water and set fire to our books.

There's something so relieving about seeing all this stuff that used to mean so much to you burn to cinders. Despite the smoke, it was a breath of fresh air.

This act was also illegal, btdubs.

Recently, my roommate got these pieces of paper that you're supposed to write a wish on and set them on fire and watch the wind carry them away (imagine the lanterns from 'Tangled').

We decided to do this together.

But me, being me, fudged it a little bit. I wrote a few different options--the things like boys, money, and stress that have been bothering me lately--on the piece of paper.

A Choose Your Own Adventure type thing, if you will.

So we went outside our room to the outdoor hallway, took the matches (also illegal, btw) and set them aflame.

And these wishes, things I needed to get off my mind, also went up in smoke just like the wishes and happy moments turned bitter that was in my notebook.

Let me tell you, I'm pretty sure all those wishes came true...but not in the way I had planned them at all.

Boys: Welp, got asked out (hence last weeks anxiety attack). But not by the guy I like.

Work: Got a job. That one's pretty straightforward. Sure, it's not at Disney and is kind of not the best but I can live.

Stress: Honestly, I don't remember what I put for this one. So we'll just say that it's taken care of.

As a note, I'm not trying to turn you into Pyromaniacs (don't be Trashcan Man).

My point is, just like Mickey made Maleficent disappear and happy times to come by stabbing her, it is possible for us to get rid of our problems by just taking a stab at getting rid of them. If we let them known, and sacrifice them to the powers that be, then we can all be dancing princes and princesses on a boat. :)



  1. bahaha, "...get rid of our problems by taking a STAB..." hehehe, punny x]

    Ok, so I literally laughed out loud. Judge me, if you will.

  2. Playing with fire. What a rebel.