Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wait for it...


Yes, dear reader, that was the sound of relief.

Of satisfaction.

Of a job well done.

As other adjectives that I really don't feel like googling.

Currently, I'm chillin' in bed. Comfy sweater on, lights out, Josh Groban on.

Take a listen dear reader:

 Ok, it's a sappy song. Get over it.

Anyways. Why am I so comfy and satisfied?

Because midterms are, for the most part, over. I can finally breathe. Over the past week, I've been studying French nonstop, while also writing literary theory essays, reading 17th century absurdism, discovering business general business techniques and relating them to Disney, AND studying the reasons that liberal democracies often don't go to war with one another.


But it's all over now (with the exception of the rest of the semester but still...).

I can't chillax.

Which brings me to my next question.... Sup?

What's up with you reader? I know none of you will ever reply but still...let's pretend I'm interested in what you're doing (I'm kidding. I really am.)

...That was a  really dysfunctional semi-paragraph....

So, step one in my chillaxing came after classes were over today. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought hair dye (again). Can I just say how much I LOVE Sally's? Seriously, I walk into that place and feel like a sorority girl on acid.

Step Two was going birthday shopping for my bestest friend. She's gonna love me.

Step Three: Dye my hair (again). Came out AWESOME. Seriously.  I feel like singing "Part of Your World" and jumping around in a green skirt and purple bra (neither of which I own, btdubs).

Step Four: Checking out fashion designs online. There's this person on Tumblr called disneybound and her shit is off the heeezy. Ok, for those of you who don't speak whatever that was, her stuff is super cute!

Step Five: Chatting with some friends via le interwebz. I don't think I've been on Skype more today than I have been ever before.

Step Five-point-Five: Hand writing a letter to my sister. The OLD FASHIONED way (hence "hand writing"). Also 5.5 because there was some time lapse between the acts of 5 in which I did this.

Step Six: Blogging. Ya hear?!

Step Seven will consist of me watching Hulu until I can't stay awake any longer. least until I feel like I can adequately function for my 9 AM class tomorrow.

And then staying up until 3 AM the next morning.

Because Step Eight of chillaxing is me going to Knott's Scary Farm which closes at 2AM Saturday morning. Good stuff. :)

Needless to say I will be dead on Saturday, which is great because I'm going to a sorority (SALLY'S!!!) party until 2AM Sunday.

Anyways, not much has happened on the path to writer's salvation. Actually, nothing has happened. I need to write more and start contacting agents and stuff.

(Ok, my room smells like popcorn. Apparently someone is baking in the kitchen below me. Sorry, random thoughts and observations.)

I haven't been to Disney at all this week and probably won't go until November. Which is weird because November is seriously a week and some change away. SCARY (ironic because it's October...month of haunts).

Can you tell this is a dysfunctional post?! Honestly, I'm not writing with much purpose right now.

Wow, how symbolic. Writing without purpose.

Ok, I think we're good. Expect more blog posts from here on out til finals starts (you've got a good 6-7 weeks). I'd apologize about the lack of symmetry on this post, but I'm acute and don't really care.

Puns, so many puns.

Off to the Hulu-mobile!!!!

<3 Chelsea

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