Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Other Women, Don't Derp This Up!

So I just wrote a post on Tumblr and was kind of proud of it. So I've decided to use it as this blog. This is your intro, now go!

The most recent TT on Twitter is #GirlsShould.

I was browsing around the tweets and and amongst all the ones about how girls should “talk less and give more head”, I noticed this little beauty.
I mean…really?!
Look at who tweeted that! A girl, probably no older than 20. If you can’t cook, you’re useless.
Well, as a nerd, who is also a girl, I tend to disagree.
You see, women were blessed with this beautiful thing called (wait for it) A BRAIN. We’re perfectly capable of using it. However, it seems that many girls, like @colorrMEbaddd seem to choose not to use it. I mean, really. She spelt “color” and “bad”, two of the most basic words in the English dictionary, completely wrong. And the emphasis on “me”? I’m pretty sure lower case letters would’ve worked just find.
But that’s not my point.
Yes, I understand that for hundreds of thousands of years, the typical stereotype of women was that they should stay at home and do the cooking. But you know what? That’s as dead as the rest of the culture from the 50’s!
Women are constantly fighting this so called “duty” of womanhood where all they should be able to to do is cook, clean, and push 10 pound lumps of flesh out of their bodies. The truth is, today’s women are capable of everything—we’ve gone to the moon, we’ve run public offices, we’re some of the best lawyers, we save lives as doctors and surgeons, we write fantastic novels (using our own names), and do whatever we want.
WHY in any world should we, with having all this knowledge, all of this drive and success, be absolutely USELESS if we don’t know how to cook?
I’m a woman. I can’t cook without setting my kitchen on fire. Does that make me less of a woman?! No. No it doesn’t.
I’m not afraid to use my brain. Not afraid to break these ridiculous social stereotypes that the world has set up for us as traps to fall into like generations before us. Women have always been strong, no matter what history tells us. But our generation is amongst the first to be able to celebrate and show off this strength.
Don’t fuck it all up for us, girls. Even if you can’t spell “color” correctly. 

-Love, Chelsea


  1. Rather, learn how to SPELL. Otherwise, your communication is useless.

  2. You just ripped that girl a new butthole.